The Complainer – The Environment is Put Last Again

I did it. I raced home, ate, then jumped back into my SUV gas guzzler and made the trek to the Richmond campus at Kwantlen Polytechnic University for my first class of this semester.

There are a lot of questions I bet you are asking yourself about my above statement, right?

First, why am I taking a hug Sports Utility Vehicle, a gas guzzler, across the Fraser Valley, all the way to Richmond from Fort Langley, and not use transit?

The short answer: there is no real options for transit from Fort Langley to Richmond that can accommodate my needs.  I have used transit to commute from Langley City to Vancouver before, and that run took on average 2.5 to 3.23 hours, and 4 hours using the afterhour’s service.

Also, the cost of gas used in the SUV is still comparably cheaper than the cost of using that transit system for this trip. It is still not enough for me to hang up my keys. Both in terms of time and cost it still makes the SUV a superior option.

Why am I taking a course all the way out in Richmond?

Well, I need this course, and I graduate once I have completed it. So rather than waiting for another fourteen weeks, I am getting it over and done with now. And because it is a 2nd part of the introductory French course, everyone who has completed the first half are committed to taking this course no matter where is it taught. Sadly, for me, it is in Richmond.  Also, the textbook is close to $200.00, and you keep the same textbook, but the online portion is only good for one year. The textbook has a special code for the online work that you need with the instructor.  After that, if you waited too long, then you buy another textbook.

Worse yet, the course is split into two halves during the week: one 80 minute class on Tuesdays, and the other 80 minutes class on Thursdays, plus a 50 minute lab just before the Thursday class. You count them: two trips into Richmond.

Yes, I feel guilty that I have burned gas, polluted the environment, added to the traffic congestion on the highway, but I have invested far too much to drop this course because of my guilt.  OK, maybe I am not feeling guilty enough. Maybe it is the willingness to keep on using the vehicle and to continue on with traveling across the valley to take this course.

Could I even blame this on the University for their scheduling, as some of the other students are probably from Richmond and they are probably very happy with this arrangement?

It boils down to caring. In fourteen weeks I will not care anymore. Between now and then, I will travel, and complain, but after that I will just simply forget about it. Sadly this will continue on with the next batch of students who will travel from Langley to Richmond next semester. So, perhaps it is the University’s fault? Perhaps someone should stand up and say something about this. I am frustrated with this.

One Thought on “The Complainer – The Environment is Put Last Again

  1. I am frustrated as well! I’d vote for someone whom I felt would TRULLY propose and move forward with a REVOLUTIONARY change in how the mass transit system works in the lower mainland. So far, none have come forward.

    Blame society as a whole, as this is where it lies. Me, I’m not martyring myself for a cause that our society at large won’t embrace… there’s no point.

    Now, if it looks like real change is coming, sign me up!

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