TweetDeck on Ubuntu 10.04

I used TweetDeck a while ago, but stopped when I had issues with Adobe-Air as there were some bugs and installation issues when they moved up to a newer version. Since then, 2008-2009, a lot has changed, and both the Ubuntu repository and Adobe have changed to accommodate the tweeting population of LINUX users. Of course, this is my opinion as there are still some who say it still has a long ways to go.

All I’m going to do is show you how easy it is now to stall both the Adobe-Air program and TweetDeck for Ubuntu 10.04, as compared to what it was like back in the of Hardy (Ubuntu 8.04). Oh those were the days. Running the program is another post for later on.

Step one:

You need Adobe-Air Application Loader on your system. This is now so super easy becuase it sits in the repository. Use the repository, as I heard from some of my friends that the downloaded version from Adobe has some bugs in it still.  Just go to Synaptic, type in Adobe, and you should see it there. Mark it for installation, and fifty percent of the work is done. System –> Administration –> Synaptic Package Manager.

Adobe-AIR Application Loader can be found in: Applications –> Accessories. You should not have to worry about it again becuase once it is loaded on your system it should recognise any AIR file when you double click on it.

Step Two:

Click Here for TweetDeck’s Website:

With the Adobe-AIR Application Loader happily installed on your system, the next step is to get TweetDeck. Go to the TweetDeck website, click on “Desktop,” and you should be whisked of to the page that has the download button on it. Please refer to the image below.

For me the Install Button did not do anything. I think it has to do with LINUX does not like self extracting files from outside sources off the net. Which is a good thing becuase that is how you catch ninety percent of those viruses and other garbage that people like to shove onto your system. So you will have to download the TweekDeck file on to your system. In my case, the file was “TweetDeck_0_35.0.1.air” at the time of this entry.

Make note of were you down loaded the TweetDeck AIR file (Commonly found in $Home/Download, directory)  and you should be able to just double click on it to start the installation. If it does not start the self extraction, then try and make it an executable by right clicking on it and go to Properties, then click on the Permission Tab and choose “Execute.”

On my system TweetDeck is found in Applications –> Accessories –> TweetDeck.

Happy Tweeting!

Tweet Deck in action running on Ubuntu 10.04

This is what TweetDeck looks like in action. I will take some getting use to with multiple columns and some of the update/streaming features it has if you are only used to using the Twitter Web Site, or some of the single column programs like GTwitter and Twitux.


One problem I did encounter which seems to be a problem for other users too is I lost my menu and desktop tray icons. I chose not to put the icon on my Desktop, but I figure that must of also meant not choosing to put a Desktop Icon when I first set up DweetDeck. After the next boot-up I lost the menu link.To get it back that took a little working around. This is what I did:

  • I first created a launcher right on my Desktop by right clicking and choosing “Create Launcher…”
  • I left “Type” as “Application,” and filled in the Name and Comment as TweetDeck
  • The “Command” I put in opt/TweetDeck/bin/TweetDeck
  • For the TweetDeck Icon, click the icon link (Upper Left hand coroner of the Launcher Window) and follow this directory: opt/TweetDeck/share/icons   and choose the TweetDeck_128.png image as your icon.

This will create a icon on your Desktop. You can move it up into the Desktop Tray, and edit your menu and place it in there too. If you are not sure, write me a comment and I will add more details on how to do that.

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