Headaches From Reading

OK, before you think I need better, stronger reading prescriptions, no, this is just from too much reading altogether. My headaches started when I decided that I was going to complete all of my French home in one sitting. Boy, was I wrong. On top of that, I received seven emails from friends asking me if I wanted to go out with them for some fun. That just added to the headaches.

I stayed and focused on homework, which I never made it through. Instead, I am about half way, which puts a kink into my plans on just studying for the midterm on Tuesday, (0r Thursdays), I cannot remember any more when it is.

If you are here from the “Tweet, ” posted at 11:55pm, well that is just me trying to get this posted so that it would stay in Saturday, rather than post on Sunday. I am a stickler on when I post on what dates. I do not know why?

I also spent part of the day encrypting my research data and various other files for my homework (possible honours paper application). You are probably wondering why I would spend so much time on something like encrypting my digital homework, when just loading it onto a flash memory card would do? Two years ago I had my USB 4 GB flash Memory card stolen, and later on in that semester I noticed a paper that had some of my words, almost word per word written on it. It was impossible for me to accuse that person of stealing, but from now on I take every precaution that I can against my work from being stolen. Encrypting is time consuming, but worth it. If someone wants to see it, they have to ask.

If you are interested in what I use for encryption, I use TrueCrypt. It work on all platforms and is free to use.

Here is a sample of some of the work I did today in French. I had to change all the verbs in to the past tense.

Hier matin, j’ai eu des ennuis. D’abord, j’ai entendu la pluie sur le toit et je n’ai pas voulu me lever. Puis mon chien Médor a couru dans ma chambre, les pattes couvertes de boue (mud)! J’ai dû nettoyer la boue avant de me doucher. Enfin, j’ai mis mes vêtements et j’ai bu un bon café au lait. Mais au moment de partir, j’ai entendu/appris une mauvaise nouvelle. Pas d’autobus aujourd’hui à cause d’une grève (strike)! J’ai ouvert la porte et regardé la pluie. Et puis, un rayon de soleil est apparu sous la forme de ma copine Élodie et de sa petite Renault rouge. Elle a offert de m’emmener à la fac!

Well, it is now 12:07am Sunday morning. I guess I better start thinking about packing up my books and call it a night/day or whatever. At least I have one more free day to complete my homework for the coming week. I just wish I could have used this for studying. Heh heh, now it is raining-hard out. Nice.

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