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OK, I am going to do a naughty (when I should be sleeping) and stay up a little extra because I need to write a post. I figure I need to type a little bit about my daily commute, especially the one from Fort Langley to Richmond I do every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the semester at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. I am starting to have good feeling about going to the Richmond campus all of a sudden. I do not know why at this point in time, but for whatever reason this place is not that bad.

I am not sure if it is because the last two commutes had being very expectational and I now have some extra time to kill by catching up on my pile of readings, or if it is just the people who attend the campus, but the Richmond campus was really a nice place to be. Today I took some time to smell the roses, so to speak, and did some exploring.

The campus is smaller than the Langley and Surrey locations, and it seems to have lots of parking for the motoring public, which is a huge bonus for us drivers. Even more weird, Richmond has underground parking! Ya!

The classrooms are noticeably smaller in the physical scenes. In the hallways, it is possible for a human who is over six feet tall to touch each wall, and the desk in the classroom that I sit in is only 42cm wide. Not much room, but it is cozy.

When it is nice and sunny out, Richmond is a very nice place to be. You are so far away from the mountains that you would almost think you were in another province because of the flat prairie like surrounding.

YVR is next-door. If you love watching jets landing, well, the Richmond Campus is the place to be for you. You can sit on the steps at the North end of the building complex and watch the huge aircraft coming in for their final approaches. It is quite cool to watch. Very weird how low they are when come in over the city. And they build fifteen story buildings here?

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