Summer’s End

I was just getting to know summer. Now there is just a few measly hours left until it is no longer. I missed it!

Even though another summer will come along in less than nine months, I feel like I got ripped off because I never fully enjoyed this season that I am in now.

Around 8:30 tonight, mathematically, the official end will be marked. Then after that we will mark in the new season, fall, and will the days grow shorter and the nights will be longer.

Even my sleep patterns are changing. I found myself having problems getting to bed over the last couple of nights. And getting out of bed, well, that was equally challenging as I really felt like hitting the “snooze” button a couple of times in a row this morning.

One big change that I have noticed as compared to previous starts to fall are the colours of the leaves on the trees. Usually you can spot the odd tree dawning the fall colours. But t this year, we have been hit with a warmer, dryer summer, a kind of more extreme season than our normal mix of weather for this time of year, so I think the trees are trying to take advantage of the exceptional weather. This is what I have noticed.

Bye bye summer. I wish I spent more with you, enjoying every moment that I could. Hey, there is next year, and I will spend more time with you then! Mark my words.  :grin:


Well, it is now official, it is now fall.

There is a really cool Full Moon out that looks just absolutely awesome, and the stars so bright that it is like you can reach out and touch them. Though still warm out, you can feel the cold in the air. It is completely night out now, 9:00pm, and only the croaking of the frogs can be heard.

Tomorrow that weather report says rain in the forecast. I think was are now back to normal, as the old joke about weather goes.

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