It Is Fall Now

Without any question it is now fall, and right now I think it feels more like late winter because last night when my thermometer said 10C I had to turn on the furnace. If the weather was a good enough sign today, then the commute into work proved it as there were stupid accidents all over the place. By the time I got out of classes it was pitch black out and raining, and I saw cars spinning out of control because they could not drive in the rain.

The first day of Fall in the Fraser Valley really hit with a full dose of ugly weather.

Watching the clouds roll in this morning, the above photo, was like watching the smoke come in from a forest fire. Slowly, just a little bit at a time, then before you know it, it is like someone switching out the lights and turning on the shower. Now it will be like this until April. We had everything for weather: rain, wind, rain, sunshine, rain, wind, rain, hail, rain, calm air, rain, and so on.

What will be interesting is whether or not we will have another brown winter like we just had? Now that would be nice.

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