An Eye In My Car

The first time I saw cameras in a car was the RCMP’s bait car program that started in Surrey, BC a number of years. Since then I have started seeing the cameras in lamp standards and traffic-light poles, and in people’s homes too. Not surprisingly, cameras are becoming a regular facet of our lives as theft has become such a regular occurrence that calling the police about is, well, is a waste of time. Instead we just report it to the police, and hope for the best.

Three weeks ago I saw for the first time a van that had cameras mounted in three locations on the outside of it, and one camera mounted along the dashboard facing the driver. My first impression was, “wow, you got to be kidding?”

Since that day, I have now seen four more vehicles with on-board security cameras systems mounted both on the outside and inside of the vehicle.

You are probably wondering why have them on theĀ  outside of the vehicle? Actually, more specifically, they are inside, but looking through the glass of the windsheild facing outwards. So technically the cameras are all inside.

It was explained to me that in British Columbia so many accents are going through a transitional phase in the law courts right now. With our state run insurance provider called ICBC, damages and fault are being split between both parties om a regular occurrence. One criticism of this is that ICBC appears to be making more money by awarding damages between the parties as oppose to just finding one person at fault. It was also explained to me that the victim would have to embark on a very intents period of litigation that would last of upwards to a decade before justice was served, and the risk of still being a victim even further is always a huge possibility. With both parties now having to pay higher premiums on their insurance, the insurance provider, ICBC, is the only party that wins.

Cameras are starting to paint a very different picture now on our roads. People tend to not tell the truth about their negligence, and sadly, some getaway with more than just a free accident from ICBC, they may also walk away without any criminal charges too. Now, if a camera sees them in their moment of negligence, well, it would seem likely that it would make the case more difficult for the law courts to ignore this as evidence? Only time will tell.

So, vehicle mounted cameras are popping up everywhere now. Not just for security, but for peace of mind when someone causes an accident. This would also mean that if you caused the accident, your camera could also spell doom for your insurance and your liability too. And if you steal a vehicle, or its contents, you maybe on candid camera. Peek-a-boo!

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