Long Nights Ahead

I was just getting used to having daylight right up until 9:00pm, and nature’s damn cruel cycles of the seasons has yet thrown me another curve-ball. My brain is still in daylight mode, and it is dark. It is 7:00pm now and it is twilight, and even the frogs croaking in the distance are starting to call it a day, and I keep thinking that I must go to bed?

I have lots of time left, I just have to do everything in the dark. I wanted to wash the vehicle, but that will have to wait until tomorrow when it is light out again.

Some future employment news:

I got the letter that I have being waiting for. It came in from Justice Canada on Friday. I did not want to open it until today, as I was afraid of bad news and wanted my weekend free from heavy emotional feelings. I am now officially on the short list, and I have my time and date for my interview. This is very exciting becuase it gets me in the door for so many opportunity.

This marks letter number three. My target date is January 15th, 2011 as my launching point for my new career. I am also trying to time it with the date of my graduation ceremony, but I have not heard when that date will be set? So much planning.

One Thought on “Long Nights Ahead

  1. Congratulations Tom for being on the short list….and you waited until Sunday to open the later!!!! Amazing.
    Good luck!!!

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