Update on Life

I am doing one handed typing right now becuase I hurt my hand yesterday while accidentally hitting a stairway banister. Apparently I cannot walk, think about French midterms and climb a set of stairs, all at the same time.

I got through the French exam, and I used just about all the time I was allotted for. How well I did will remain to be seen. I will find out tomorrow when I have my next class how well I really did. I feel I did somewhat OK, meaning that I think a passed it, but it will be very close. I did leave some sections blank as I had no idea what to do. It is funny becuase all the instructions are in French too, so if you have poor French skills to begin with, then you might as well prepare for the worse. I think the people who came up with this curriculum thought that it would be better to have everything in French, and that way you would be forced into dealing with it. This does not really work that good for a monolingual person like myself.

Before the exam I gave myself lots of time before class to ponder life, the existence of Thomasso, and answer the “Why.” It was at that moment that I decided to take some photos of the front half of the Richmond campus. Although I took lots, 60 to be exact, this was in my opinion the best one.

The steps, which I would also have trouble walking up, are very interesting becuase of the lamp-standards on each side of them. The architecture is very interesting in the way the cement blocks are arranged along the steps. Also, at the top of the steps, are the plant-beds that remind of my World Ware II pill boxes, but modestly created. Although Richmond campus does not have a large courtyard like the Surrey one does,  they did do a good job on creating a nice open area just before the main entrance.

My next photo-op will be the third floor. That is cool, but too many people hang out there so getting good shots is going to be a challenge.

Well, hand hurts, and must get my sleep. End of transmission.

2 Thoughts on “Update on Life

  1. Good Luck on the Mid term. Nice Photo 😎

  2. Thanks JM. I’m still waiting for the results, we should get them back next week. Nice to see that you are still alive.

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