A Thursday Post

So much going on, with so little time, keeping on top of everything is getting harder to do as each new day into this final semester pushes forward for me. This pace is realty wearing me down fast. The four hours sleeps during the middle of the week are take a toll on my cognitive abilities in my general daily activities. The homework loads are not helping either. Work is just a sideline now as I’m starting to pay more attention to my future employment requirements. Homework and interviews are running my daily life now—in a big way.

I have an interview with the corrections department out in Abbotsford, BC coming up. This is just a update on my security clearance so that I can continue to work within the various government facilities, whether it is for volunteering, or for employment reasons. These are routine, and can be quite rigorous, but I have now gotten to the point where I can zip through these forms in a mater of minutes.

Homework is getting out of hand with all the formats that I have to work with now. The strangest participation mark will be the “Pot-Luck dinner” we will have in French class next week. Perhaps the best way to learn a language is to learn their food?

All my classes have on-line components in them. This means working on websites, answering questions, then begin graded on them. I was thinking the other day how this would have be completely foreign to someone just twenty years ago. I mean this is nuts, doing homework on a web site that will be graded by your instructor as part of your overall course mark. Hey, I am of the age when this was a transitional method of learning, but for the younger students, they think nothing of it.

Preparing to Move On

I have started the “tear down” process with my home life this week. Even though I have over 15 weeks to go until I (may have to) move, I have started putting things into storage. I have decided that I will do small amounts of items over a long period of time so that I do not exhaust myself when the actual move date approaches. From past experiences, doing everything at the last moment in one large move, the recovery time is such a waste and lasts so long afterwords. I figured out that if I take my time, do everything in small manageable amounts, my productivity time is far greater. I will put this to the test. I want to see what is more efficient in the long run with these two strategies.

Note to the “Radman.”

First, Radman is not a mechanic. Radman, I will respond to your comment that you posted on my previous post this weekend. I really want to respond to the your “Twitter” opinion. I think you have touched upon something very interesting, what the media call the “great divide,” so hold tight.

Friends From University News:

This came from the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Student run newspaper, The Runner. Please follow this link: Friends 4 Food Fraught with Obstacles, posted Sept 30, 2010. What is cool is that these women are keeping the fight going. I will never forget when one of my fellow classmates was chased around the campus by the security guards, then he was escorted off the grounds, because he was handing out leaflets for his protest. Of course each side has their stories, but the we all believe that it was an attempt to silent the voices. The two women in this story are former classmates also from the same class that the security guard incident occurred.

Some stats on my current semester:

Today, as of October 07:

  • 19 more trips to go, (including today) into Richmond.
  • Gasoline used so far, 32 liters just for this commute (Richmond Only).
  • Time during the commute: 10:34 Hrs Richmond Only (Week#5)
  • Midterm/Exam: 1
  • Paper: 1
  • Quiz/Test: 3

* I do not include my commute to the Langley Campus because it takes me literally 8 to 22 minutes to drive there, during rush hour.

*The midterms include both courses.

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