Fast Times at Richmond High

Holy-molly have I been busy. I have been going like mad trying to keep up with all my activities. Today is sort of a temporary “time out” as I will try and catch up on all the things that need to be done that I have put on hold since I started writing midterms on Tuesday. Yes, those pesky midterms. They are really bad for me this semester. I will spare you the rant and not talk about them, but instead I will focus on all the other things that took place over the course of the week gone by.

Travelling to Richmond twice a week for one class seems to be working out for me. I am adjusting to huge commute. Although time is still my enemy, I am keeping up with getting there on time, and getting home at a descent hour, although accidents are still a problems.

I really listen to the radio for the road reports now. The reports have saved me on my decision making for what route to take going into Richmond. I have been diverted twice now from taking the Tunnel on Highway 99 North, going into Richmond. I have four choices, but the Tunnel is the best for time, if all goes well. Once I had to go through New Westminster, and that was time sucking experience as it appeared to be the only route going into Vancouver at that time. That day was a two hour commute going in, and an hour and a half going out.

There have been some diversion along the way through the week. Yesterday there was a very nice sun set over Richmond campus at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. People just stopped and started at it. My crappy camera did it no justice.

On Tuesday, someone pulled the fire alarm just as were about to start our class. We ended up going back as everyone wanted to get it over with. I noticed that many student left the campus anyway, so perhaps the intent of that person who pulled the fire alarm worked?

Watching people walk out of the build was interesting also. My class was on the second floor, and there are a total of three floors, and one stairway and an elevator to exit with. The stream of bodies going down the stairs was painfully slow. One can only imagine what it would have been like if there had being a real file.

Well, that is all for now. I’m tired. Bye.

2 Thoughts on “Fast Times at Richmond High

  1. Hi….

    Little “D” has his first date!!!!! For a Halloween Dance. (He is in Middle School – grade 6) Talk about A mile Stone or what!!!! I think I am more excited then he is at the moment. When Big “D” heard the news, it was high fives all around. 🙄

    It was the girl who asked him out. How cute!!

    Just thought I share the news with you.

  2. Make sure he doesn’t take any Vodka with him, LOL!

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