Brain R & R

I made today my half day of rest. I did nothing academic, except looked at my grades from the last round of midterms. Instead I played around with PovRay, the base program that I create all these 3D images from. With my new machine, my four-core (gaming machine), rendering is much more pleasant than working with my former four-core processor.

Normally, my old machine would have froze every five minutes, and rendering would have taken several minutes at resolutions of 6000 x 4000. Now this machine doesn’t even hick-up when I create something like this, above.

Well, sleep time. I have to prepare for my Political Science presentation, plus two job interviews, and of course, my favourite subject, French, as there is yet another “test” for that class–all for next week. There are only seven weeks left in the regular scheduled semester, and I do not have finals in any of my classes, that I am aware of, so time is going by fast as I approach my graduation date. It is these happy thoughts that keep my going. It is all I think about.

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