I am In a Weird Mood

First, I should not be writing this post. I should be sleeping, but I cannot. So, I will just type a few words and hopefully I will slowly fall asleep and wake up tomorrow morning all refreshed and ready to face the new day.

I have the usual exams, tests and papers to have ready for this week. Tomorrow I present in my Political Science class. I have to present my outline for my paper that will be worth 30 percent of the course grade. Even though this is a first year course, and it only requires a ten page paper with ten sources, I take it very seriously nonetheless. I am really worried about my French exam on Thursday, as that one will be a little easer, but I am severely struggling in that class.

The commute out to Richmond is getting easer. I think I have developed an immunity to Richmond drivers. I can now easily navigate through the city with ease and can spot the general way people drive there. It is nice that I can adapt so quickly compared to my first couple of trips going there to the campus. Biting my nails was all I remembered doing back then as I drove down to the campus for the first time.

I have less than eight weeks to go before it is all over. Graduation is approaching, and I cannot wait! I am even having dreams about it. But it is scary becuase after that, the real world starts, and that will take some getting used to. I have spent so much time doing courses that I might find myself going through withdraw with nothing to do as the SLOW pace of everyday normal life starts up.  Oh no?

Well, I will sign off for now. I think I have hit that sleepy felling. Good night.

2 Thoughts on “I am In a Weird Mood

  1. Oh no, what are you to do? No more school after this term!!!! Shocking, absolutely shocking.

    I can’t wait until you are done!!!!!! I am so excited for you. 😀

  2. Ya, no school. But I could always go back and do my MA or Phd?

    I too cannot wait until it is all over and can resume life once again. But the last six years have been exciting.

    The graduation ceremony is in June of 2011, in Surrey, BC.

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