Round Two Is Over

I am back. I have today and a bit of tomorrow all to myself until my commitments take over my body and I am hauled off into the land of chaos. My non-stop marathon had left my with a whole pile clutter in my home, a ton of food that I had to throw out, and a mail box full of letters, most were unless ads, but there were some bills buried in that pile. Among the insomnia and stress came some welcomed new and hope.

My email finally came back form the BA Degree Advisor, Faculty of Social Sciences at my learning institution, Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Rather than paraphrasing it, here is what it said:

“From my review, it looks like you will have completed all of your degree requirements once you complete your current classes.  Congratulations!  Please apply for graduation right away. This can (and should) be done in the semester when you take the last of your courses. Visit (Web site withheld) to obtain the request form. Complete and submit it to Enrolment Services on any Kwantlen campus. Please be sure to fill out a convocation ceremony form if you wish to attend convocation in June 2011. Check with admissions when this can be done” (Kwantlen, October 29, 2010).

The relief that this brings to me is of the most gratifying kind. Six years of ploughing through the curriculum and hundreds of hours of it are finally coming to an end. I could almost squeeze out a tear.

Some momentous occasions should be noted here:

I just gave my last in class presentation as an undergraduate. This occurred on the 27th, in my Political science class.

I will not be signing up for the registration at Admissions for the Spring 2011 semester. I will keep the $250,00 in my pocket – thank you.

And I do not care about my Class registration time and date. That will be nice, no more competition.

Then there is raising the money for courses for the next semester before the cut-off date. That will end too.

Round three will start on Monday, until the end of the semester. I have two more midterms scheduled and a couple of small quizzes. I still have a midterm paper and final to write – that should be super easy because my last presentation was my paper, including my thesis statement.

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