The big G-day: 6 Weeks

I was going to write a big fat diatribe about my French class, and how I am not getting enough sleep and my life is just a autonomic state of being, reacting from various stimuli. No, instead I am just going to write about the really beautiful sun rise this morning, and why I am just counting the squares on my calendar as 2010 counts down.

The sun rise this morning was a welcomed site to see. I took about 30 photos of it as the clouds slowly changed from dark navy blues into blood red and orange. If this is the start of the day, for a November third, then the rest of the day should be equally spectacular.

I submitted my graduation application yesterday. I could have done this at the beginning of the semester, but I had so many things going on that time just was not on my side then. With the midterms over, and we move down the homestretch, and I do not need to worry about the next semester, I did some house cleaning with my graduation details.

I guess I should received my piece of paper with the gold sticker on it by the end of the term, just before the end of the year. Remember that I said in my last post that the graduation ceremony will be in June of 2011, so I think we give document back to the powers that be and they resubmit it back to us on the day of graduation. Seeking basic answers to simple questions is like pulling teeth at admissions – Know one can answer them at the front desk.

Right now, I keep on plugging away at my two courses. This is all I am focusing on right now. I will be flooded with interviews for up coming employment in the next couple of weeks, so my finals might be a little hectic time wise. I have over eight interviews coming up. Yes, eight! It seems crime is big business right now in Canada. Boy, did I make the right choice: economic meltdown, Conservative government, graduate of Criminology –  these are all factors for increased crime legislation and a commitment for resources to be pumped into it. The stars could not have lined up as perfect as they have.

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