Where is Tom?

Well, the real question is, what have I been up to since my last blog entry?  The short answer: I have being working like a mad man, trying to keep up with all my commitments, keeping up with the changing world around me and exploring the new world of criminology, the new career path that I have chosen.

This week is my last major round of midterms for the rest of the semester until finals. Monday was work, then the second interview for one of the employers that I would like to work for. Tuesday was French class, then writing my exam with the Justice institute. Yesterday was work/training my replacement, then the Political Science exam/midterm. Today, Major French midterm and work, but need to do several trips while in Vancouver for my applications. Tomorrow, I have planned two more interviews, and the onsite evaluation with Corrections Canada.

Over the weekend I got to play advocate for a School yard bullying incident that took place several months ago with two grade eight students in the Lower Mainland. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for me as I got to coordinate the whole process from start to finish – solo. The members for each party were on hand, and I got to interview each of the youth who were involved before the hearing took place. A settlement was reached and the application was sent to the adjudicator on Monday and she signed it off. This is a major accomplishment for me as both the accused and victim were satisfied that the matter is now closed and the healing process can start.

My current state of employment is now in the final phases of winding down. The company is taking my departure as an opportunity to implement their austerity measures due to the poor economic climate that Canada is in right now.  The work is barely keeping them afloat, and letting go of bad accounts is causing all sorts of anxiety throughout the staff and office personnel.  Yes, there will be layoffs as we head into December. I found out that I will not be replaced. In fact, my last days of employment will be dismantling some of our infrastructure and relocating it to a smaller sized location. As I look back, my employment would have been in jeopardy anyways, so I do not feel that bad for choosing the time that I did.  I served my notice, tendering my resignation, over six months ago.

OK, must go. All my time is used up for the Blog. Until next time!

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