A 1000 Words of a Picture

If you have ever had an image that you have seen that you could not get out of your mind because it was stuck inside your head so bad that you needed to have a copy of it for yourself so you could look at it at will, then this is what happened to me. Art is one of these weird and wonderful things that toys with your emotions, and for whatever reason it seems to work in different ways for different people who are captivated by it.

In my French class, there are many posters that are thumb-tacked to the walls. There are maps of foreign countries, and travel posters that show far off lands that are completely different from our own, but there some that are random images of life in those far off lands, and some are from the past in a time when life was so much simpler. There are a group of three posters that captured my eye when I first walked into the classroom back in September. When the prof lectured, my eyes would sometime wonder over to these posters and I would find myself staring into them. I peer into them trying to live in that moment when the photographer pushed the shutter button on the camera. “What was going on in these people’s minds at that point in time,” I would think to myself.

These images are “good,” for lack of a better word, in my humble opinion. They of French culture, and they seem to have set stereotype for me of what French culture should be in my opinion. If this is a good or bad thing, then time will tell, but I will try and keep my mind open as much as possible however. Each image, as I see it, tells a whole story that only the viewer can read and understand. Of this image, this one stands out the most for me because I see it as being so complex, yet so simple, and I find something new each time I look at it. It is so very interesting, the people in them, the buildings, and the entire symmetry of the picture. This one really has a unique feel of its own.

Children in Place Hébert Paris 18C 1957, by Robert Doisneau, courtesy of art.com

It took me all but of 2 minutes on my favourite search engine to find this print, and the artist, on the World Wide Web. Robert Doisneau took this photograph in 1957 in a place called, “Place Hébert” in Paris, France. Below is what the Website, Art.Com has quoted about Robert Doisneau:

“Emulating the romance and allure of Parisian culture, it’s a great irony that French photographer, Robert Doisneau learned his skills in pharmaceutical advertising. But his talent shined through to grace the pages of Life magazine and Paris Vogue. As a Resistance soldier and photographer in WWII, he forged papers and photo-documented the Occupation and Liberation of Paris. Doisneau photographed many French artists including Picasso. His awards include the Prix Kodak and the Prix Niepce and he has been the subject of major retrospectives throughout Europe and US. A short film was made about his fascinating life in 1973.” (Art.Com, visited on November 21, 2010)

Judge for yourself what you think of this image, and other images from the photographer that can be found on the link from art.com. I am sure you will find some of them very interesting. Hey I bought this one, a full size 1 metre print if it? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the image too.

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