The Twilight of a Semester

I’m taking the time to type out a little post here becuase I wanted to somehow record this weekend as I move into the last week of the semester marking the very end of my undergraduate life as a student. A lot has happened in the last final weeks leading up to this moment. Some were memorable, while other events, well,  I just want to forget that they ever happened. I have many people who support me, while there are others who wish I would not move on – as change seem to be a real issue for them, but as they say in French: C’est la vie. Change will happen no matter what.

I have only three final assignments left before I am done this term. In each class there is a final, and I have a major paper that is due by next Wednesday. December 2nd 9th will mark the end to my classes while I have the exam (take home) that needs to be done in the following week. I have four more trips out to Richmond, and two in Langley, and then I can hang up my gas key with the SUV.

Speaking of the SUV, that saved my day having the 4X4 option. I was able to easily manoeuvre around on the roads covered with snow from the snow storm last Thursday, making my trip out to Richmond a breeze. Sadly, and with anger, the campus was open, but my prof cancelled the class and only communicated to everyone by email. As I came directly from work, there was no time or means for me to check my email, so I made the trip for nothing. Yes, anger.

For the next 24 hours, it is hunker down time and crank out this paper for my Political Science class, then read and memorise like crazy for the two finals thereafter. Yes, the very end is when you do the most work during the semester, so no rest for this poor soul.

Correction: My last regular week of classes will end on the week of December 2nd, however, December 9th is really the last week of classes and when the entire semester is finished. It is confusing becuase the academic week starts on Mondays and ends on Thursdays, with a three day long weekend. We truly live in a different world indeed  –  from the rest of society.

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