Work pluss Home Equals No Fun at All

Yes, I’m still cranking out this term paper for my Political Science class. It is 95 percent done now. Just need a pretty cover page and a good proof read, then it is off to the printers.

Work is going well, I guess. I can feel the stress in my “trainee’s” voice as I pass all of my knowledge onto her. Sadly, they thought that what I did at the old warehouse was just a walk in the park. They had no idea the width and breadth that is involved in such an operation, let alone the riggers of keeping on top of everything, including the manual labour.  Oh, did I say manual labour – yes I did. In fact, that seems to be the missing part of the whole equation for running a warehouse, the lifting, moving and operation of mobile equipment. It is one thing to work behind a desk, but quite another concept when the actual operations of the warehouse are carried out. Awh, the labourer. Fun stuff.

I can feel the end nearing now. The classes are really winding down. I have to pinch myself just thinking that this is it – soon no more classes. Oh Gods, I have done 40 courses – and it will be over soon – in 10 days, 4 hours and 24 minutes. Give or take a few seconds.

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