The Final Week

The fourteenth week of the semester will start tomorrow and my biggest concern is will I be ready for it. I’ve practised my French homework, and did most of the on-line activists for French. I’m psyching myself up for the Political Science final that is a take-home exam – those are often the toughest, so really it is sit down and go over everything again and again until I’m sick.

I spent more time doing my windows, putting plastic barriers up to help with the heating bill. I’ll have virtually no income for January and February, so I really have to pinch my pennies. So I’m doing everything I can to save money and live comfortable at the same time. It’s tough with inflation starting to ramp up.

Speaking about inflation, I cannot believe how expensive everything is getting? All my bills, including rent and electric have jump by about 4 percent. I was going to buy a new jacket for the winter, but I might have to stock with the one I got now and fix the zipper on it. This is a sign if how tight this season is going to be, so spending is going to be controlled even more. Last year I went through several cost cutting measures, but now I’m seeing that I have to go further, and back then, those were though cut-backs. Ultimately too these means cutting back on income-tax going to the government – sorry Gordon and Steven – you guys are going to have to find another sucker to support your lifestyle with. Snicker. The poor starving student does have some perks.

I have to raise a glass up to the founder and whistle blower of WikiLeaks. This guys has got some serious balls. But this has also made the government of Canada that much more accountable. Yes, I have found that once the leaks started surfacing, people who normally were passive about their government became active, and that I think is very healthy for a democracy. This now gives each and everyone of us a look at big brother , although most will forget about it by next week, just the few moments of reading WikiLeaks, getting people talking, was very healthy. I hope there is more. I therefore give my “stamp of approve” for WikeLeaks just on the bases of merit and truthfulness that is has brought to the public.

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