When I was driving home last night from finals from my last class of the term, it hit me right around the intersection of HWY#10 and the Surrey, Langley border. This was my last trip to Richmond, my last class as an undergraduate, and hopefully, if I pass French, my last trip to Kwantlen. No more of this 17 hour a day crap and stressing out all of the time. I aged 10 years in the last six months because of this timetable I was on.

To all my friends and family, my life should have some normality back into it. I will start calling you once I get my scheduling back in order.  I know for some you have not heard back from me in the last ten weeks or so, but I can assure you that I will call and continue to keep in touch with you once I am back on track. Be patient.

I have one last bit of work to do before I can call this trim officially over.  I still have my take home exam to do for my Political Science class. It is basically two mini papers wrapped up into one large paper, worth about 20 percent of the course. Piece of cake really. Once that is done then I wait for the marks to come back, which will probably be around the 20th of December.

When I finished the exam last night at Richmond, I walked around and took some photos of the campus. This was something that I wanted to do for some time. I like the architecture of the building. It is unique.

It is funny, when I look back at the very first time I entered these halls at Richmond Campus, I remembered how big it was. Now, it is so small, and I see everything packed so tightly into one building. It is amazing how ones perspective is changed over time.

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