Happy Admass!

Although it has being less than twenty hours since my initial lease on freedom, I still have this one teeny weeny little assignment to finish, due on Wednesday, so relishing in freedom is still a new feeling. The assignment is chugging along, but I have to collect all of the data for it before I can begin to start the writing process. There are a couple more chapters that I have to read until then. So I am not completely free yet. Instead, I do not have to commute to classes anymore—which will save me as far as time goes, so banging off this “take-home exam” should be fine and pleasant on my mind and body.

The process of employment now starts up again. I have two major interviews set up for next week. Basically I am preparing for  a more lucrative engagement with my new career, which is the reason why I choose to finish at the end of 2010. This is when most of the federal government contracts kick in and new rules, laws and legislation starts to ramp up as far as Canada’s penal correctional systems goes. With the net widening of many laws in the Criminal Code, the abundance of the criminal population entering into the correctional system is overwhelming. This is one sector that is booming, but in order to tap into that, you need credentials – hence my B.A. 🙂

A Side Note:

I do not practice the Christian faith, or any other faith for that matter, but I study and research these customs and practices from these faiths with great interest. Mainly I see the what effect that certain celebrations have on young children. I was in the local Big-Box Store in Langley City the other day when I overheard a mother scolding her child, a young girl about the age of eight, or so. As I turned down this one isle in the toy section, there on the floor was this child having a temper tantrum. The mother watched onwards trying not to show her weakness. When the child saw me, she screamed even louder, laying on her back kicking the air, but the mother did not budge from her tough position of not buying the item the little girl wanted.

Soon the child quieted and ceased her flailing and grandstanding, and joined her mother’s side as they walked away down towards the sales department. It was not until I over heard the mother telling her husband to pick up the item on the following day and they would present it to their daughter during the holidays. This sadden me because what I saw was the incorrect way that dealing with children who create such a spectacle at her age, and then have the gift rewarded afterwards. That did not sit well with me.

A friend of mind, a social scientist, once told me that they have renamed the Christian holiday, known as Christmas to Admass, the day of commercial success and great profit margins in Canada. Admass, as I now call it too, has certainly created a force to be reckoned with for business and investment throughout the world as factories and supermarkets all rely on this one event to push them though their yearly business cycles. Sadly for this little girl who threw the tamper tantrum, she is also a byproduct of this frenzy time of year too.

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