I’m frustrated right now with my take-home exam.

What happened was, I started doing the research for the paper when I figured out that I had gathered way too much information for what I needed. I realised that I wasted over five hours of time on it so far. The requirements are, three double spaced pages of text for each question, with a total of two questions for the exam. The total value of the exam from the whole course is thirty percent. So naturally I started gathering what I thought was, or would be, the equivalent of what a paper would be for a value of thirty percent. My premise was based on a third or fourth year paper, not a first year paper.

When I started compiling the date and then structured my arguments, I quickly ran out of room, reaching the three page limit. I tried condensing the information even further, but came to the conclusion that half of my research would need to be taken out to meet the requirements.

Frustrated, I took a time-out, and revisited the syllabus and then realised what error I made. The term “over kill” could literally describe the level of input I initially put into it at this point. Frustration was trying to choose what to keep and what to throw out.

Tomorrow I will spend another couple of hours reworking the data and dumb everything down. Hopefully this will give me enough time Wednesday to proof read the document and have it submitted for midnight Wednesday.

My only incentives right now are the dead-line and the weight of thirty percent of the overall course grade. Getting it finished and polished for presentation will be something that I will regrettably have to do up to the last minute.

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