I just submitted very last piece of work for my degree. It is over. No more homework! No more long drives and painfully late nights in classrooms and libraries. Heck, no more endless hours of reading, typing and writing.  Although it is unofficial, I have now gone from undergraduate to graduate as of this point in time. I like saying that because it has been a long haul.

About fifteen minutes ago, I sent off my last paper by email. It was a take-home exam, the worst kind because they are critiqued as if they are a published books for the public market. I spent over ten hours on six double spaced pages of text answering just two little questions from a single source. Every letter of text had to count. You go over your allotted six pages, then it is not marked. You go under, you loose marks because of missing information.

The really weird thing is I am not that excited. Yes I am happy, but I am not throwing a party or buying myself that super dinner with friends, but in fact, I feel nothing special. I was just thinking, “what next?”

In the new year the real work begins. I put my higher education to good use. I start, hopefully, working in my field of expertise then!

But in the mean time, I have to go in for another eye examination. My eyes are getting worse. The glasses that I got six months ago do not work any more, and the headaches are worse too. I am far-sighted, and one eye is worse than the other. Perhaps this is my old age kicking in, but it sure kicked in with a vengeance.

So in the mean time I have about three weeks left with my current employer. They are nice people, but they are going through some pains of stress themselves with the way the economy is going. Running a business today must be sheer-hell!

Well, off to bed.

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  1. Hi tom……. Congrats. Right on… Don’t know what to say here….. If i could give you a hug, I would!!!!! Can you please E-mail me. I have lost yours (it seems that DM has erased our contacts when he installed the new windows or I am not on the right account) I have Mom”s new info and she asked me to pass it along. Sorry to hear about your eyes. Getting old is not for sissies – good luck with that.

  2. Hey JM,

    I sent you an email. Let me know if you didn’t get it by replying to this comment. I sent it off around 6:00pm today.

    I’ll try and call you guys this weekend, OK! Please pick up. 🙂

  3. Congrats!

    I know what you mean about that “now what?” kind of feeling. You’ve been in time-management git’er done mode for so long that… well it’ll take a little while to sink in.

    You’ve put a lot of work-in and you deserve what your future will bring you.


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