Solstice Eve and Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow will be the Winter Solstice, and added to that event will be a total lunar eclipse to add to the excitement. In the afternoon I will be joining some friends for our annual Solstice gathering, to celebrate the astrological event, and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Last year I met up with about twenty friends from the Surrey campus, and we toasted the event while watching the Sun set that day. We may do that again this year.

The main reason we use the Solstice as the annual date to gather is that it falls right before everyone is getting their time off from work, so it kinda acts like a prelude to meeting friends before you head off to meet with your families. Two years ago we had one crackpot who had to be hauled off by police because he was so drunk. Actually, there were a number of them who thought it was a drinking event. That kind of wreck it, but we continued on.

I’m hoping to meet a lot of friends from my classes this turn around. Now that I graduate, I will not see most of them ever again. So, this will be my last chance to say good bye and farewell to them before the graduation ceremonies and we go our separate ways.

Tonight the Earth’s shadow will block out the Sun for 72 minutes of totality, just after midnight, officially kicking off the Winter Solstice. From start to finish, the Lunar eclipse will last about three hours. One of the problems with living in the Pacific North Coast, and this time of year, is that usually the weather is very bad. Tonight will be no exception as weather warnings and heavy overcast skies are on the weather menu for tonight.

So, I guess tonight is “Solstice Eve.” Enjoy!

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