I Got an A In My Soup

It appears that I’m one more step closer to my goal of graduating. My Political Science prof finally posted the grade for that class. I am very pleased to say that I got a A+ in that class. I was surprised, especially when I poured so much energy into my French class. It’s weird because I have to remember that my Political Science class was only a first year course, so it was graded at a first year level, not when I’m used to, grading at a fourth year level.

I did get some feed back from my French prof. I think I passed the course, but I can’t be sure because the grade has not been officially posted, only what was written on the course website. It is very cryptic the way the overall marks of the assignments are posted and categorized. So I’m only going to say that the probability of me completing everything to graduate with is good, but officially I’m not going to break out the booze (I don’t drink) yet.

The pressure from my peers, and the university, are still crushing my daily routines. Today I had to run off to the post office to send out my applications to see if I can do the honours degree, plus my graduation application, which was a re-submit because the first one needed additional forms attached. Nothing is easy in this world of academia as far as bureaucracy goes. It is a race against the clock to get this off so that I can have my paper work for my future employer all in order. On top of that, I had to send off two emails for my current employer whose now wants more of my time with the seasonal rush. These weren’t your little garden variety emails with one or two lines of text. No, these were the dreaded “how to” emails for the garden variety dummy out in the work place who probably doesn’t know how to read anyway. I don’t know who will get them, but I’m making them very detailed.

It also appears that I will be working through the holidays, as I said before, but that doesn’t bother me being that my time is up with them at the end of the year anyway. Hey, I’ll have plenty of time to rest once that is done.

Most of the my co-workers have said that they’ll miss me. They are all in limbo too as the economy is sitting at rock bottom and jobs are super slow right now. I’ll miss them too, but not as much. I barely got to know most of them because I only encounter them for very short periods of time during the week, maybe once or twice. I know there names, what they do, and some basic general information, but for the most part, they are strangers.

Well, I must go. Time to enjoy winter, in my shorts. This weather is crazy!

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