It is Official, I have Graduated!

It is a very numbing moment right now for me. Just a couple of minutes ago I looked on-line to check to see if I had all of my marks in; and there it was, my last class, French, and I passed it! I am now moving on, with no more undergraduate classes, ever, everything is completed. I can now say I have graduated!

This is the most significant mark for me.

Now I can move forward. Start planning for the future with my goals intact. I am now recognized among my peers and beyond. I have completed what so many have not, and I now join with those few people who are ahead of me.

Six years ago, 120 credits, 40 courses, 627 days of classes, countless exams and term papers, it has all being worth it.  With battle wounds and shell-shock, I sit before my monitor screen knowing that I have earned every last grade point I have.

The special significance is that this accomplishment stays with me for life, and is a recognized credential throughout North America. When I completed my Associates Degree, it was sweet, but lacked the distinction that the Bachelors of Art has. But, it is the knowledge and friends that I have earned over these last few years that made it all worthwhile.  A question that was asked just a few days ago was, “would I do it again?” Yes, yes I would, I will. The times, people and experiences I have had are priceless–worth more than gold.

When I announced to everyone around me that I had done it, I graduated, there was a silence, a sort of sense of loss rather than what I was feeling: joy, success, and so on. I soon figured out that everyone was preparing for my eventual change, my departure, the moment of metamorphoses, as I bloom from a garden variety weed into a flower in the garden of life. I understand now. Change is sometimes so hard to embrace, but it is inevitable; we cannot stop it, but we can manage it to a certain degree.

Going to add more later on tonight.


So, it is still sinking in that I am finished. Just the thought of saying “Graduated” still sound weird for me at this time. I still have a ton paperwork to do before I am official. I mean official, is when I get that piece of paper in my hands, then I can graduated. I still have a that evil thought that I am going to get an email saying that this was all one big mistake and that I will have to give my degree back, …and I would have to redo a bunch of courses? Yeah, that will hunt me until I get the certificate, follow up with the ceremony.

Thomasso, B.A. (heh heh)

2 Thoughts on “It is Official, I have Graduated!

  1. Congrats Tom, that’s excellent news!

  2. Thank you. I’m very happy.

    I’ll talk to you soon, Radam.

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