Joyeux Noël

like to say Joyeux Noël to my Christian friends, and all the other cultures that use the 25th of December to celebrate their respective holidays. I hope you all enjoy the holiday, and all the festivities that go along with it.


Although I did my celebrating days ago, today, I found, was a bit of a milestone for me. I was reading in my old journals and came upon this little tid-bit of my personal history. Actually this was quite a bit of a milestone to say the least?

On this week, way back in 1997, I was introduced to Linux for the very first time. Prior to that, I spent most of my time using a MAC, then onto Window$, but was never really savvy with the operating systems then. It was a two day computer science seminar that I took where I met up with some people who did a few lectures on new and cool software, software that we see today. The people that I met way back then  would then become almost world famous because they were the team that created Corel, the paint and photo software that competed with Microsoft’s products for the last decade. Corel was developed on Linux before it was sold as a multi-platform program. So later on that week in 1997 I took the CD home and on December 25, “1997,” I loaded my very first copy of Linux onto my PC.

Since that time, I have always had the OS on my PCs. It was in early 2003 that I completely switched all of my machines over to Linux because the cost of security and system failures was just too much. Now, I run one of the most stable and secure systems among my group of friends.

Since then, my development in Linux systems has put me in the forefront computer forensic software and development.  In my personal life, I am 100 percent Linux, using my personal favourite flavour called Ubuntu.

Unbelievable that that was back in 1997? How did we manage?


Another question I like to pose to the kids out there is, “how does Santa get around so fast, from the North Pole, to everyone on the Earth”?

The best answer that I got so far is, “he has help…, lots of it, and they’re called Elves.”

Sure, but where does Santa keep them, and how do they get around all over the Earth? Apparently, that has a simple answer too. “They each get their own supper charged space, rocket powered, sled.”

One kid, who just made me laugh told me, “He just does, OK. It’s called magic, and you’re not supposed to know!”

So, there you go, the Santa Mystery.

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