The Eight Key Calculator

As the last of my hours trickle by at my work, the cleanup seems to be the hardest thing to do before I give the last heave-ho into the sunset and leave this Grey work life behind. Cleaning up my desk, getting all of my paperwork prepared and ready for the move to the new smaller location has been the a daunting challenge because the people who I am passing this on too have no idea what it is they are getting themselves into. From eight employees, down to just three, they are in for a very rough term until the contracts finally run their course. Downsizing until the final crunch must be painful for all those involved.

I have worked with some very amazing people. Some I suspect I will keep in contact for the months and years to come, and others will just fade away into obscurity from my memory. For the last three years there have been some good times along the way, especially over the last twelve months.

Eight Keys

At the back of my desk there is a broken calculator that barely displays numbers, and has the number 9 and 7 buttons missing from its face. This calculator has a bit of history for me because it spells out the dark side that I have endured while working here. This is my personal property, a unit that I bought to aid in my job to help me become more productive. The office adding-machine finally ended up with the HR Manager, who ended up quitting just a few weeks ago over some mysterious disagreement, and the adding machine has not been seen since. Months earlier, my calculator was vandalized due to an fellow co-worker who felt that anytime anyone brings in tools into the work place, then that tool automatically becomes the property of the worker common-hood, and is designated as general use.  I, of course, disagreed with that nonsense and took my property back citing that no where does this rule apply in the company doctrine of work place conduct. The next morning I found the calculator sitting on my desk, in pieces. Later that month that employee was let go, albeit for other more serious reasons, but in my mind, my complaint did add to his final demise.

I kept the calculator as a reminder that some people can be truly filled with hate and deceit, and that commonsense is not that common. But today I will throw it out as its symbolism has served its purpose.


Pandemonium is the best word that I can think of to describe these last couple of days.  As I mentioned before, I am training a person who is already under so much pressure, wearing several hats to begin with, that she is showing signs of cracking. I do not think that she will absorb all the knowledge that she must have before I leave, so I fear that this might push her over the edge. My time has been served, but deep down inside my subconscious thoughts feels some sort of responsibly for her. I wish her so much luck in the days and weeks to come.

“Non communication,” is the other big issue around here right now. People making decisions to solve their immediate problems that effect other departments seems to be my personal gripe right now. The cascading effects rumble throughout the office causing so much stress and confusion that I heard one person saying that he is ready to walk off the job, right now, because his department had been overlooked when the move started on Boxing Day. It is difficult to verify any new bit of information as our lines of communications are down: no phone, internet and fax. We are all blind, reading only hearsay, and when we talk, our voices echo off the empty walls. It is a deafening feeling.

Did I say how much I want this to end? Oh, I think I did, several times. I will stop now. Sigh…

4 Thoughts on “The Eight Key Calculator

  1. Seriously? The dude assassinated your calculator? 😯

  2. Oh, look who it is.

    It’s Old Danny Boy from CrotchCo.

    How’s life in the labour market these days?

  3. Sorry for the late reply but I forgot I commented on this.
    Life is great , I left the depot back in 2009 and transferred to the Port Coquitlam Costco. Best decision ever! It was such a nice change from the stagnant and depressing atmosphere of the depot.
    I have a daughter now who is 18 months old, you may have seen us in the news recently, she swallowed an ornament hook just before Christmas.
    I am returning to school soon to pursue a career as a Hearing Aid practitioner for Costco. currently I am just bumping up my grade 12 English course because apparently I had better things to do in the 12th grade then to attend school.

  4. WoW! Your daughter is very lucky indeed. I just read the news article online a few moments ago.

    Well, it is good that you’re finding your way to prosperity and wellness. It sounds like a great choice.That place (the Depot) can be a rigorous place at the best of times. Just to let you know that I have gained such an appreciation for living since I left that I have completely forgotten that I was ever there.

    Good luck to your family, and to your future endeavours. I think going back school and continuing on with your education, and then onwards after that is the best thing that you can ever do for yourself.

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