Ode to Another New Year

Sipping on a cup of hot chocolate and snuggled up beside my fake fireplace, I am thinking about how I should wrap up the final moments of this year called 2010. What a year indeed?

“A” is for Apple. “A” is my favourite letter in the whole Letter Grade Alphabet, especially when it is followed by a “+” sign.

Today is the end of a chapter, the day I say farewell to my co-workers, and start my trek towards the next page of the next chapter of my little old life. I chose this day for many reasons, but I wanted to start off 2011 with all of my previous goals in place before I continued onward, like starting off with a fresh new whole look and feel, where I become something totally fresh and new.

Looking forward, I see that I will now need to focus on my career objectives as I enter into the work of bureaucracy. My friends and colleagues are joking that the PhD. Is next for me. They could be right as I become more specialized in my interests. I could very well be logging more classroom time in the distant future?

Most Hated Part of 2010

Surviving two terms of French in 2010 was my biggest accomplishment of the whole year. However, just the anxiety of knowing that I was on the precipice of a fail/pass grade kept me up some nights. That was a whole new level of hell for me, and something that I never wish to experience again.

The Best Part of 2010

Knowing that I have such wonderful friends. I am really blessed with the people around me. I thank you all. I am the richest person alive with the wealth of friends that I have.  I am glad that I can take you all with me into 2011.

Happy New Year!

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