So, Now It’s 2011

So, now it’s 2011–now what?

Maybe this it is time to start writing about what I think the new year should be like, and what should be accomplished and achieved. But who am I kidding; half the planet is probably doing the same thing right now, and probably able to do a far better job at it than I could ever do. I am not into doing resolutions and predictions that much. Oh sure, I have my wish list, but I generally like to keep those reserved for another day when I have put in the time to properly scribed them out.

But I do know that there are a few things I would like to see done.

My new career will start shortly. This is the big experiment, if I could call it that, becuase it is really a test to see whether my hard work and sacrifices worked. Does someone with academic credentials have a far better time landing that dream job than an average person walking down the street does? This is the test in the back of my mind. Sure, I have always been very good at landing a job when I needed to, but I never truly found something that I really wanted, something that I can say, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. So in the coming days, and weeks, I will know just how effective and how far my latest goals have taken me. In the short term, things are looking super positive.

What will the year bring us in terms of economic prosperity? Well, if the Banks, corporations and governments around the world don’t screw everything up, I’m hoping that everything starts to pick up again. I would like to see the business cycle start to climb again. However, I was totally against the stimulus packages that were given to the Banks and corporations by governments. I really believe this will just drag us down even further. As a result of this, I have cut back on my spending to a ridiculous level. I have no debt, but I am having to deal with inflation that is causing me to downsize further so that no debt does occur. At least it hurts the primary cause of this mess in the first place, the Banks.

Time. I will have lots of time now. The questions is, what to do with it? I was kicking around the idea of going back and see if I can push the envelope even further with my academic endeavours. But I’m going to rest first, for a while, before I run that marathon again.

I will enjoy the rest of the first day of 2011 with a good book. I have not decided what to read yet, but I will probably blog about it very soon and tell you all about.

Happy New Years.

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