New Developments On the Fort Langley IGA Fire

New developments in the IGA fire from Tuesday, January 4th, 2011. According to the Langley Times’ website, for January 5th, 2011, it appears that the store could have been hit by arson, or someone breaking and entering, and a fire resulting from that.

Please visit this link for the the news article:

The rumours are flying everywhere now in Fort Langley.

The article says that there was a broken window and some bent bars along the North side of the building. And that the break in could have resulted in the fire starting.

Another tid-bit of information about the building was that the structure was 70 years old. That is a very old building, and no doubt added to how fast the fire took down the building.

As a resident of Fort Langley, I can say that this will affect my daily routines. Already today, I needed some onions, and was ready to pop over to the IGA. Then it hit me, after I put my shoes on – the IGA is gone. This will effect me until I find alternatives. I hope they rebuild quickly!

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