Careful what You Click On

It was about a month ago when I was searching for information on potential employment leads when I came across a website presented by Correction Canada. It was an ad asking anyone who wishes to join a force of volunteers who would like to work with various programs geared towards offenders who are re-entering society. I wanted to get some more information, and before I knew it a pop-up application jumped up on my screen, and there was most of the information already entered into it, such as my email address and name.

Apparently, the web browser FireFox, caries this information in it’s cache memory so that when you hit these types of fields, it automatically assumes that you are going to reenter in this information, and it displays all that for you. As I tried to hit the kill-window button, my web browser froze for a second and all I could was wait for it to pass. Then all the windows that had FireFox disappeared, and I had to open them up again to continue on with my work.

A week later I received the most cryptic email that I had ever seen. It was not what was in the content of the email, but in the header of the email itself, that sent a chill through my body. It read, “You are Invited to Appear at the Next Intake at, blah blah blah…” Wow.

I thought to myself how the heck could this have happen?

I poured over the email with a fine toothed comb, hoping to gather any clues as to of why I was receiving this email?

Nothing rang a bell.

About a day later it hit me where the email came from. I remember the web page incident, and went back to that page to see what I had done. The page had changed, but it had a little text notice at the bottom saying that the page had undergone some fixes, and that all of it links would be posted again. So I replied to the sender of the email saying that it was a mistake, I did not meant to hit on the “post and email” button.

I got a reply almost an hour later saying that if I was still interested, that I should at least come over and have a look. The “intake” part was an opportunity to come down and take part in a public awareness seminars all about Corrections Canada, and what they do.

A couple of emails back and forth, I finally agreed to come down and take part. It was worth it. The best mistake I had ever made!

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