The Meaningless Post

I am presenting this post to things that are worth something to me, and are meaningless to you, the reader. If the post seems to develop into something that has meaning, then I will change the title. But, due to the way I feel at this moment in time, I highly doubt that the title will change. So, to start off with  my meaningless post, I am going to rant.

My first rant is on the topic of trains that go through Fort Langley. Now, Fort Langley has some bragging rights, in that it was settled and became a town long before the railways appeared on the scene. Why the railway choose to follow the banks of the Fraser River is beyond me since better terrain can be found further South. Maybe further upstream it was a littler harder to lay down the tracks so they stuck to the contours of the river, I do not know for sure, but train traffic is causing me to rethink my stay here. They are getting nosier, bigger and longer. Since I moved here, almost 15 years now, the trains have gotten so bad that I was going through sleep deprivation from the sudden blasting of their horns/whistles. Then their frequency has increased about five years ago. Back then, they passed though once about every two to three hours, to now, travelling in packs of threes, or more, one right after another in a span of about thirty minutes. Even the weight of the trains has increased as their vibrations can easily be felt in my home to the point where dishes now rattle.

I know some people can live through anything, but I seem to be developing a low tolerance as time goes by with these trains.  Oh well, the only solution would be to move since the trains are unlikely to go else where.

My second rant is about the “holier then thou” types, or as my dictionary coins it, “excessively or hypocritically pious; ‘a sickening sanctimonious smile.'” I love that terminology by the way. There are some people who feel that just living in the vacuum of commonsense it the best place to be in general terms. When you ask for my input, be prepared for some good researched input. If I don’t have the sources and proper research, then I don’t add it to my arsenal of expertise. It does not mean that I do not know the answer, or lack the knowledge and creditability of the question and topic; what it does means is that I am not going to answer a question without proper research. That is how it is done on in the real world of academia my friends. I would be committing a worse academic no-no if I gave you false uncredited information than not answering the question at all. Please do not feel you are the winner in the argument because I could not answer one of your questions. Sheesh. In time I will find the answer, if it is worth my time, and give it you.

Now for my problematic life of data overload. I have whole heartily jumped onto the social media bandwagon. Actually, I did this back in 2008, but now it has gotten to the point that I have been urged to buy a hand held deceive so that I can take my social media everywhere I go. Why, I asked? My life has been so peaceful without it. I gave up the cell phone years ago because of their high costs and and the drag that it was putting on my personal life. I did not want to answer it just because someone wanted to talk to me at any hour of the day, I wanted it for business and emergencies, but that never happened. But now texting and other social media aps are starting to creep back into my personal life. I guess one can never really escape it if you were to advance further into the world the now? I will resist all the way, kicking if I have to.

Nearing the end of my meaningless post I now turn to my neighbours who seem to be inconsiderate of others while only self fulfilling of their own needs. I had a noise complaint not so long ago. Yes, me, a noise complaint! Actually, the noise was me leaving for work at my usual start time, about 4:45am. The problem was that one of my neighbours found this to be excessive. They left a note on my windshield. I tracked them down and left a note on their windshield quoting the Langley Township By-Law on noise control. They complained again. And again I invited them to seek a By-Law officer’s consultation. Then again, another note. Finally I knocked on their door and ask if they were willing to talk about this. They refused and stated that they would phone the police the next time this happened again, and that I had no business quoting laws to them. Well, I am still waiting for that visit from the RCMP, or By-Law officer, but the notes have stopped. Unfortunately, my early morning starts are still continuing.

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