Pressing Buttons

I just had to jump on this when I seen the term “Social Media Craze” leaped across my screen this morning from a concerned blogger who was just fed up with the hoopla about Social Media stupidness lately. I have to agree with him, on so many levels. I see it as an avalanche of information that is losing its lustre as we move forward in this so called information age. I really do.

Sure, I’m not against social media in its purest form. However, with what is going on in the social media front now, I see it as getting somewhat out of control as there seems to be a sense of a “lets make some capital,” and this is causing the push and pull from the developers and users of this media to shove it down everyone’s throats. I guess it is a natural feeling to put up your guard when someone tries to sell you something aggressively.

In fairness, the last thing I want to do is label all social media with one broad brush. In fact, I want to do the opposite. My target is FaceBook (FB) in this rant. We are well aware of FB’s copy-write and privacy policies. Why anyone would who want to fork over their personal identity and content to this organisation, just for the pure enjoyment of keeping in contact with you friends and to make news friends, is beyond me? You are handing them your personal information, every last detail—hello?

On top of all this, you are bombarded with ads and your information is tracked so that future marketers can follow you, so that they can give you “custom” advertisement. For me, this is going too far. I like my Internet experience to be “ad free.” When I want content, I go out and grab it.

I should point out that one is able to turn off about 80 percent of the ads that are plugging the Internet, but the rest of the ads that get through, they come in the form of spam, or unwanted solicitation. Just about every aspect of the net has these leaks. But am I really telling you something that you already do know?

So I throw caution into the wind with each new social media craze that pops up. And they are happening more frequently, and I am starting to see the patterns of those who are bunk, versus the genuine good media format. If they want to sell you something, and pug it full of ads, then I just walk away, and say, “that is not why I am here.”

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