Time Management Chaos

OK, I am the first to admit it, I suck at time management. If I am on a regular schedule that never changes, I am like everyone else, a perfect ticking clock that always keeps time and stays on track. But, if you throw in some loose ends, mix up the schedule a bit, then you are asking for trouble. This is where I am at now: in the midst of time management hell.

Right now I am chasing those loose ends like a dog chasing it’s tail. Just as I nail down an appointment, set up an time table,  another problem pops up where I am scrambling to find a solution. I am on the phone, sending emails, following a chain of promises and constantly checking in with people that I never met before. At each juncture the problems seem to be getting bigger.

Today I just found out that I have to take a training course, at a cost of $500.00, to secure a job posting that I am not one hundred percent sure on getting. As we all know, money is super tight for a lot of people, especially me right now, so forking out that kind of bread will be tough. I have the money, and I could pull it off, but there will be sacrifices. Right now sacrifices are not what I want to be making  at this stage of the process. The job, if I am so lucky to get, will easily net me over $60,000.00 per year, starting salary. So invest, or save and find something else?

Here is the ticker: not only will I fork out several hundred dollars for a course that I need to qualify for this job, but I will need to find a institution that will offer it before the end of February, when the job needs to be filled.

And there are other snags too that just popped up. I have not received my transcript to pass on to Corrections Canada for this job. It somehow got lost in the mail? Where have I heard that one before? And my CNC pass is coming up for renewal, which means a trip to my nearest police station to submit to a criminal back ground check: once again the timing could not have come at a crucial point.

Like planets and stars lining up to form a convergence on a Astrologer’s chart, all of my efforts must line up perfectly too in order to qualify for this golden opportunity, which is not one hundred percent guaranteed. And it is frustrating. I’m basically stopping everything else and focusing on this deal. There are so few who qualify, so my odds are very good. But I am not the only one, so there is competition. I guess this is one of those tests in endurance, the so called rat race, survival of the fittest, and so on. My question is, where will I jockey in position?

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