Duck Tape

“It is a strange and wonderful world we live in indeed,” a friend of mine once said when we were fixing a makeshift structure to support a TV antenna on his roof at that time. We were fixing a support truss with, you guest it, Duck Tape—a whole roll of it. That memory came back into my mind as I was fixing my window last night because, I believe, someone had thrown a rock from over by the railway tracks at my place. As I was taping it up with duck tape, I was laughing because I remembered all the funny names we had called this wonderful invention. Names like, 100 Mile an Hour tape, Air-line Tape, S&M Tape, and we had no shortage of uses for it. When I heard that women were making dresses out of it, I thought, that was best and most creative use of the mighty tape—ever?

So, the mighty Duck Tape saves my butt again, as I taped up the cracks in the window. It is unbelievable how well this tape really works. In a matter of seconds the window is secured until I can get it replaced. And if I am like my neighbour, I could leave it for a couple of years until I find time to properly fix it. Yes, the tape will hold on that long!

Who threw the rock?

Well, I base my theory on three things. First, this is not the first time that this has happened. I have had several objects thrown at my humble abode over the years. Items such as Beer bottles, chunks of wood, and of course, rocks. Second, I live right by a favourite hangout for people who like to park their cars, and walk, and frequent the area to drink alcoholic beverages and do their recreational drugs. It is common to have gatherings at the early hours of the day of several people at a time, mostly youths who still go to school. Fort Langley is not known for keeping youths busy with activities, so they “hang out.” Lastly, I found the rock. This piece of rock definitely came from the railway tracks, as it is not indigenous to the local rocks of Fort Langley.

Although I do not know who exactly threw the rock, I can ascertain as to the profile of who more than likely threw it. The problem is that between me the railway tracks are a row of trees, a hill of about one metre high, and a one metre high solid wooden fence, so for them to hit the window was a fluke, a wild shot, so to speak. They would know I am there, but it would be a hit or miss throw. So only someone who is young, foolish, and full of risk, would dare to make such a throw without thinking of the consequences.

The cost of replacing the window is not that bad. It will set me back about $40.00, if I replace it with the original glass that is in there now.  Sure, it is $40.00, but that is the price you pay for living paradise, right?

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