Is It Time for a Mini Vacation?

I was flipping through some of my old photos and came across some that I took when I was on Vancouver Island a few summers ago. It made yearn for those days to come back, as I remembered all the fun I had, driving, exploring, and meeting friends and family, but mostly the hot summer days.

With my life on hold from University and work over the last four years, getting out and doing all of these wonderful things, well, was very tough to do when time was damn tight. For the last four years, the only time that I had were the little bits of time between semesters, say 10 days maximum. So planning and finding a place to go for that kind of time-frame was hard to do. I found myself limited with time and money, as tuition just conveniently popped up just before the end of the previous semester. I am so glad that that is over with.

Now, I’m in a period of freedom before I hit the 24/7 routine again, so I want to capitalize on it. It is one thing to sit at home and think about it, but another to actually get out there and do it. I know my time is short before the rat race really gets going, but the question is, when and where to go?

Going locally would suck because of the time of year it is, so Vancouver Island is out of the question. Sorry sis. I want warm, tropical weather. I have a friend who is going to the Dominican Republic, but the airfare is too rich for my pocketbook right now. So I guess I will have to really think this through and see what my options are.

There is a very good chance, however, that I may just stay home until I go full steam at work. That would undoubtedly suck, but that is the way it is right now. But every time I look at these pictures of myself back in the summer, I yearn for warm sunny weather.

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