Year of the Rabbit!

I love the idea that we can celebrate New Years at least twice a year in Canada, although the second one, the Chinese New Years, really doesn’t have the recognition that it deserves.  I would love to have today, or tomorrow, as a holiday too. But that is me.

Some interesting facts about the Lunar New Year. This is year 4708, year of the Rabbit. The day of the new year is set by the Lunar cycle, not a fixed date on a annual calendar, like what we use in North America and Europe. And there are twelve animal characters that are named for each new year in a set cycle.

Because British Columbia, and probably through out most of Canada, has a large and vibrant Chinese population, the Chinese New Year seems to be part of our culture, and well entrenched. Over the years, in my experience, the celebrations seems to be taking on a new foothold with the serge in social media, and more and more people can now be reached through it.

I have some wonderful Chinese friends, and I enjoy celebrating the New Year with them.  Again, it would be nice to get tomorrow off, so we do have to use some restraint on how long we stay up tonight. But nonetheless, I have my luck money, and some wonderful cards with decorative dragons and other symbols of the festivities on them. So I am all set to go.

This morning, one of the students from Kwantlen, Nicole Joe, a member of the Kwantlen Student Association, (KSA) was wearing her traditional Chinese dress, which I though was very cool. She proudly showed it off, and allowed me to snap a few photos of her, while in the KSA lounge/office at Langley campus.

So, Happy New Year! Gung Hey Fat Choi! Year of the Rabbit.

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