This Bubble is My Home

I have to say that the last five weeks of my life have been amazing. The transition from a full time student to a full fledged member of society again has been a great one. I thought it was going to be more of a shock, stepping backing to normal space time again, but I transitioned naturally with only a couple of days of uneasiness. However, this has not diminished any of the ongoing complaints in my life, such as time management, the continuing saga of home ownership and keeping on top my new career.

The home is supposed to be the castle, the one place in our lives where we are king, or queen, and where we spend the most of our time. It is where we plan and live our daily lives, and come and go as we choose. The home is more than just dwelling that we eat, sleep and live our life’s every moment from, it is the on going battle to manage, maintain and then be marvelled. It is the biggest investment for most, so it will consume most of our resources. This is also where our memories of family and personal triumphs, both good and bad, will be. But what if the home is broken?

A broken home is a bad home. Broken can take on any number of aspects, whether through a bad relationship between partners, or equally as serious, the home infrastructure is collapsing in on itself, but one thing is for sure, brokenness reaches into the heart and pulls life from out of you. Like a chain of causation, once the dominoes of Morphy’s Law start to move forward, the time, energy and Will to stop it becomes a monumental challenge. For a broken home with rotting pipes and failing appliances, the remedy is to throw money at, and fast, and of course you will throw lots of it into the problem to fix it, it is inevitable. Once the chain starts, the damage can go on forever, and time will be your enemy along side your spending power.

Yes, spending power. My problems started when my hot water tank started leaking last Sunday. It must have leaked for some time judging by the water damage, but I did not notice it until it went into a full blown flood as the entire pipe had broken off. I was just getting up to do some laundry when I noticed the problem. I stepped outside and there was water everywhere. The sound of hissing water squirting out of the pipe was easily heard form outside, but inside. The water must have been leaking for most of the night judging by the size of the pond out on my front lawn.

The damage will be just a tad under $300.00 for the replacement, but I will not see it until next Monday. So, I have been surviving on sponge baths and lots of armpit deodorant until the return of hot water flowing from my taps. Oh I miss hot water as that is a missed luxury.

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