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OK, the week is over and I’m sitting at home on a Saturday night with nothing to do but type away in my dear old blog. What better things could I honestly do with my time beside this? Nothing I say…, nothing. There is need to type away in my dear old blog, just a need. I guess I like it, the writing that is.

Power Outage

The biggest moment of the week just past had been the weird power outage that we had here in the park. It really lasted over three weeks, but came to a head two days ago. I first started noticing funny things going on with my power as far back as the beginning of the month, like dimming lights, funny sounds in my computer speakers, and light all-of-a-sudden going really bright then out. I thought it was me, my home, some loose wiring or something, but it wasn’t, it was the park’s main electrical feed from the service pole. Things came to a head on Thursday night when the lights, and everything, just went dim: a brown out. One fellow blew up his power bar connecting his fridge, and another tenant had her cable vision line melt off right from the power-post outside her home.

When the power finally blew, I ran to tell the park owner what had happened. He came out. He messed with the wiring at the metre boxes for about a half hour until he figured out what was causing it, but it took him another hour to fix the problem. The neutral wire had burnt off its connector, so we were only getting half the phase from the power lines. This was scarey because half the sites were getting very little power, while the other half were getting too much power. A 115 volt outlet became a 175 volt line and so on.

I was so mad leading up to the power outage that I started going through all of my wiring thinking that my home was going to burn down. The day before, I complained about my cable not working. When I heard about the cable vision line melting off from my neighbour, I went and checked mine. Sure enough, it was melted off too. That meant that it had grounded, and then burnt right out, and could have potentially caused a fire. Nice eh?

Friend with Prostate Cancer

Yesterday I got a call from an old friend who I went to University with. He majored in Business and Economics, and had started his own business in Langley. He just came back from the hospital with having prostate cancer, so he was laid up at home unable to go anywhere. His wife was running the business while he did all of the paperwork and phoning from home. He is only thirty-eight, and had prostate cancer. He had it removed, so he was a little sore under the hood, if you know what I mean.

But here is the sad part to my friend’s dilemma, and this is where I come in. He had taken a small business loan from the Royal Bank, months before, where he has his commercial account located. They somehow heard about his cancer ordeal and sent him a letter stating that they wanted some guarantee that they were going to get the rest of their money back from him. So I pitched in to help him write some letters and create a plan that would convince the evil Bank that they would get the remainder of the loan paid. Now get this, he only owed the Bank around three thousand dollars. This says a lot about Canadian Banks today and how reactive they are. I told him to remove his business from these guys and switch to a credit union as soon as he can. At least at a credit union you get some respect.

My friend is doing well. He did not want me to tell of his name, or any information about him in my blog. In his opinion, society still looks upon the weak with pity, especially those with cancer, in the world of commerce where only the strong survive?  How the Bank found out about his ordeal will be a mystery.


I did received some hint of my graduation back on Wednesday.  It was a letter, in the form of a notice. My clue was when it said, “congratulations” in it. I was honestly expecting the certificate, like I did when I received my Associates Degree, which took forever to receive back then too. This time I do want to participate in the convocation ceremony, the (Bachelors of Arts) BA is the big event. This is the turning point when a student in the Liberal Arts no longer becomes a undergraduate, but leaps forward as a graduate. So, yes, I do want to be there for that part!

Anyway, the letter seems to point out that I have graduated. I’m hoping that there is still more paperwork to come, like my piece of paper with the gold sticker on it, so I wait patiently. I have since filled out more paperwork, such as signing up for the convocation and getting a copy of my transcripts, so more to come. The convocation does not happen until June of this year, so I have some time to get things ready and sorted out.

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