Have BA, Will Travel

This is going to be a quick and dirty post. I just received my certificate of my BA by post this morning. I waited almost ten weeks for it since applying, but I can understand the red tape and time that goes into issuing one of these documents. You just don’t hand them out like candy?

I was joking about the silver sticker on the BA not being Gold, like the Associate Degree, but as one of the faculty members eluded me to, “it could be a Platinum sticker”? Works for me.

My other issue with the document is that it does not say what Degree Program the Bachelor of Arts is. It just says, “The Chancellor and Senate of Kwantlen Polytechnic University on the recommendation of the Faculty have awarded,” me, ” the degree of Bachelor of Art, January 2011.” I have inquired about this before, talking to others who have graduated from other institutions, and they have also confirmed that their certificates just state a Bachelor of Arts too. So I guess I cannot really complain, although I would prefer to have “Criminology” scribe on it thought?

What you are looking at in this image are my Two and Four year degrees, side by side. Note that the Associate Degree (left) has the Gold sticker on it, sort of a burning issue with me, but very minor in the grand scheme of things to come. Later I will add up the total cost of obtaining these two documents, and the amount of time that it took. I can say, if I had to do this all over again, I would. In fact, I will be doing more in the near future, as there are still a few more acronyms to be had for my portfolio.

I have the document, and I can access my transcripts now. The fun now starts!

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