Missing the Fort Langley IGA

I took my usual walk around town today, from the Post Office, then around back over to Mavis, then across Glover Road, then home. I stopped off to see the progress of the IGA site, and see how that is coming along.

The site is almost cleared of the building rubble, and the rotting food left behind, from the fire back in January. The workers, the clearing and excavating company, have almost got all the building marital excavated and hauled away. There are very few remnants of the former site left. A few bushes, and a post in the ground, but nothing recognisable from the old store.

I want the store back. I miss it, and the people who worked there.

I ran into a couple of the former employees of the old IGA store. One is working in Walnut Grove, while the other is still taking time off since the fire and is going back to school. They were both sad, yet were focused on the now, since the store burnt down, so life goes on for both of them. But they do miss it. They said that they miss the customers the most, and are greeted when ever they are seen by some of those former customers. “People always stop and talk and ask how I’m doing now that I have no job,” one of them said.

So, here is hoping that they rebuild soon!

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