Fort Langley Librarian Retiring

Today is an emotional day at the little library in Fort Langley. Mary Marquette, a person of whom I have know for many years, will be retiring effective after today. Fort Langley will be loosing one of its long-time icons of public services, and a good friend in the library.

Many people will be coming out to the library to see her off today. I popped in right around the library opened this morning to say hi, and to see if the rumours were true that she was in fact leaving us today. She enthusiastically confirmed this.

For me, Mary will be the person who welcomed everyone with her warm smile and enthusiastic greetings, no matter who walked through the doors of the library. She is the person who loves her job, and her intimate knowledge of the people of Fort Langley, and beyond, which in my mind, makes her one of the keystone people of this town. She is friend to all, and she probably knows all of us, alphabetically.

She bestowed the power of reading, good company, and friendship, to many people both young and old in the community. She has also made the library a friendly place to be where all are welcomed, and encouraged the pursuit of knowledge and connection to so many. To the children, and the avid readers, she was there, ready to assist whenever possible.

We will all still see Mary around town, in her civilian capacity, as it appears that she has no plans of moving.

If you are reading this today, before the library closes at 5:00pm, please come in, as there will be refreshments served, and lots of folks at the library to wish Mary all the best.

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