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The end of the weekend is here, and I still have so much to do today that I could be doing a all nighter, but I have to stop and give my brain a rest. Yes, I am doing the contract signing deal thing, still working with this contract that just will not go away. On top of this, I think I am being cursed with grumpy people all around me. However, the hight point was meeting people of importance, that added that extra special element to the last couple of days.

OK, three weeks ago I started looking at government contracts, and looking at taking on some of these for myself, one could say “kind of that job security thing” that we need during these tough times. Well, I have come to the conclusion that our government is just as messed up as the corporations that should have gone into bankruptcy during the last market meltdown. I am talking cheap!

I had hired a lawyer to review the negotiated contract that I poured over for the last few weeks, and was advised of over fifty potential issues that could bite me on the butt if I proceeded with it. I went over each item and found even more that the lawyer missed, so naturally, the alarms went off. When I sent several memos to the referring office, I found myself waiting for most of the day before I got word back with only some of my questions answered. I was not surprised.

The contract is starting to be like a waste of time as I am starting to see the patterns developing from this. I may pass on this venture and rejoin my original team as far as employment goes. I am not discouraged from this, as there are always contracts popping up on a regular bases, but you really need to watch out for those “greasy” sections where you could loose everything if you forget to cross a “t,” or dot an “i.” Yeah, no thank you.

My weekend of dealing with grumpy people is starting to make me seriously grumpy. I never heard so much complaining in such a short time, as this weekend, and this is just from my friends and neighbours alone – not just the guy in the Laundromat. Most of all the complaining can be traced back to money, or lack there of. I know statically, February and March are high point for depression, and not surprisingly it is weather related, but when you have a young woman crying that she cannot make ends meet, while puffing away on a cigarette, I am sorry, you will get very little sympathy from me on your money matters. If you can not pay your rent, yet still afford a pack of cigarettes, then you are ass backwards to the wind my dear. Yes, you know who I am talking about!

I know, tough talk, but hey, someone once gave that same talk and set me on a better path.

Dealing with the above mentioned contract, I was able to meet with some very influential people, some at the Federal government level, and some at the community level. Although at the time I did not know who they were, once the meetings were over, I sort of got the clues as to who I was dealing with. I can say that I am networking, and network at a astonishing rate. I just wish these people would wear name tags, so I know.

Well, I must get back to my overgrowing pile of paperwork. I must get this stuff out by tomorrow. What a week–what a weekend. Hey, the sun did not slow it down either. Two great sun filed days of perfect sunny weather, I thought it was summer for a small time! Until next time.

2 Thoughts on “Contact or Contract

  1. yikes!!! not looking good for you. Will I have lots to tell you. I quite my position with the manor. I had it up to my ears with being warned about creating to much laundry. I think I am done with private care. I have been working in public care sector for the past 5 days and I am happy. I can change all the beds I want and not have management breath down my nick. The residents don’t mind it all if I change the bedding 😀 However, I am back to being casual 😥

    Is snowing on the mainland?

  2. Oh, a lot has changed in the last 72 hours. 😉

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