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Life here in Fort Langley has been, for the most part, quiet and uneventful. Ok, maybe quiet and uneventful are too strong of words, so maybe, perhaps, interesting and amusing? Anyway, life seems to be chugging along in the little village that everyone wants to move too.

Meeting people, and meeting old friends were the highlight of the last two days. You only need to walk in any direction about one block before you are going run into someone you know, and will engage in some sort of conversation with them. Fortunately, you can drive, which means you need to only “wave,” and then you can safely pass without violating any of the numerous customs and norms adopted by the citizens of the tiny community.

The weather has been somewhat stable, albeit cool, and always under the threat of change from one extreme to another. The weather reports are unbelievable at best. One forecast said we were in for extreme winds and blizzards like conditions, and the sun came out? Go figure? I have learned to judge the weather from my back porch, and my forecasts are ninety-nine percent accurate.

However, my poor sister in Sooke, BC, told me today that they are enjoying a Snow Day due to a freakish storm that dumped 20cm of the white stuff and left them stranded. Only their kids fully enjoyed the day. They are still getting the severe weather, but now it is in the form of very high winds, then more snow added for tonight. Like I said, only the kids are happy.

I was supposed to have a meeting with a director from Correction Services Canada this morning in Surrey, BC, but becuase he is in Victoria, BC, Southern Vancouver Island, he is snowed in too. So now my meeting has being rescheduled until 6:00pm tonight, yet he will not be there.

When my morning plans were made and pencilled in, I set aside all my normal activities and focused on these meetings. Many of my regular activities were shoved back to tonight. I am in major shuffling mode now as I scramble to get all my business activities realigned again becuase if I start to loose control and have commitments pile up for the rest of the week, this chaos could have a cascading effect for many more days.

So the day is not over yet. With this unexpected time, I decided to post to my blog for today. I will be adding to this as the day goes by.

Added at 4:04PM

When I went to get my mail from the Post Office, I noticed that everyone walking in town had either a brief-case, or binder under their arms. With the cold weather, most of the people had on black overcoats and black gloves. Together this made for a scene right out of  the story George Orwell’s book 1984. I felt uneasy walking along with them as I did not have either a long black overcoat, nor a case with me. If you have ever seen the movie, then you know what I am talking about.

Added at 8:00PM

My meeting went well, in a blow by blow sense. It did not seem that productive, being that seventy-five percent of it was talking about oil prices and other economic issues, and not about me. The good news is, I have been forward onto the next level of the bureaucracy. The bad news is, I have been forwarded onto the next level of bureaucracy. So, there is still hope, but still more waiting on some key decisions. Waiting, I love it now; I am so used to it.

The weather is really turning to the cold now. Although there is no snow, there is plenty of cold. And it is windy out too. Maybe we will see temperature as low as -7C, or -8C? So much for the heating bill.

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