Film Issues in Fort Langley

UPDATE: I just heard that the person who was the coordinator had been told that she will keep her position. A friend of mind, who knows a friend, through a friend, found out late today about this. Please disregard the rest of this post!

I was at the Post Office on Tuesday when I saw this petition posted on the wall inside. I never thought much about until I started talking to some friends and other residence about this. I quickly learned that the person who is the coordinator for Fort Langley, with the film companies, does play a vital role.

I discovered that availability and knowledge base are the two key components that will be lost once this position is replaced outside of Fort Langley.  Knowledge base, in the from of contact with residences, and having someone from within the community, means that the footprint for networking through the community is more efficient than through a central office in Langley Township. And availability means that the time frame for people from within the community, and the film industry, have a wider timetable to work with than someone who is regulated through office hours.

Perhaps the root cause is strictly downsizing to saving money by centralising job positions, but in sight of this, a petition is posted at the Fort Langley Post Office. It seems to be gathering numerous signatures from residence.

Here is what the Letter of Petition says:

Filming in Fort Langley

On February 28th/2011 at the Township of Langley’s Council Meeting the Engineering Department will be proposing changes to the current filming guidelines for Fort Langley.

One of the changes proposed is that film companies will not be required to retain the services of the Fort Langley Film Coordinator but to have filming handled  at the Township level.

Given the uniqueness of our community and the unusually high volume of filming it has been proven that an on site film coordinator has become essential. This ensures that projects run smoothly with the least amount of inconvenience and interruption to business owners and residents.

If you feel that this position is valuable to our community please support by writing to one or all of the following.

Shirley Stewart, executive director

Mark Bakken, Cheif Administrator, Township of Langley


Jorden Bateman
Steven Ferguson
Charlie Fox
Mel Kositsky
Bab Long
Kim Richter
Bev Dornan
Grant Ward

Mayor, Rich Green

(This date may change).”

Here is the photo

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