Night of the Popcicle People

If tonight holds up to the weather office’s prediction, than last will be the coldest night of the year for Fort Langley, BC, dipping down to a nippelly -8.4 C, and then climbing back up to -1 C for today’s high. If you are not used to it, this cold can bit you in the butt. But it really was not cold part that hurt, but the combination of cold and wind which made the wind chill factor fell like -14 C, and colder. And before you start crying the purple heart violin string quartet, we in Metro Vancouver are not used to this level of freeze, as living on the coast brings warm temperature for all year round, as compared to the rest of Canada.

My biggest concern are the homeless people who refuse to use the shelters around the Lower Mainland. I know this from working with volunteer groups before and after the Olympics that homeless counts never matched the number of beds that have been created in the various locations. From the data that we gathered, I saw most of the homeless carry their belongings in shopping carts, and most shelters do not let these people bring their carts inside with them. Instead they must leave them outside, unprotected, where steeling and luting often result. Although more shelters are starting to allow the homeless to have their carts inside with them, some homeless people still defiantly refuse shelter.

The next big thing that was on my mind were the water pipes. Homes were never insulated that well from the cold in Vancouver. My place is a shinning example of this. You have two choices. First, leave the taps on, just a little, so that warmer water is always circulating through the pipes. They never freeze. Second, buy a run of heating tap, and a bunch of insulation, and wrap your pipes. The problem with the last idea is that heating tape and insulation cost money, and the labour that will go into the project will last longer than the clod snap will. So I just leave the tap running until it warms up again.

Hopefully we will never get another night like we did last night.

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