A Good Day to Change

Wow, this post I must have changed about five times since finally deciding on this topic. So, without further ado… .

What is the big topic for today?

Easy: Snow.

All last night, the Environment Canada website had posted the snow warning so early that when I first looked at it, I thought it was a mistake until the read the find print. It was posted on Friday for Saturday afternoon. A little early, but I guess the fine folks at the weather office knew this was a sure thing, so they felt it was necessary to post it twenty-four hours early for us.

It snowed a little bit this morning, but then things quieted down, and we just had the normal cloudy day. But the snow warning never lifted, instead it got turned up a notch. It was not until just an hour ago that the snow started falling here in Fort Langley, and the rain that was mixed in with it has started to freeze to everything. So, the added freezing rain part also came true. Yay for the crappy weather!

British Columbia News:

Also of historical note, British Columbia now has a new leader. Christy Clark, BC’s second female premier, won her party’s leadership vote today. She now replaces the old, very unpopular, Gordon Campbell, who was very quiet these last few months. Remember that this was a leadership vote, not a public election vote, as the general election is not scheduled until 2013. I predict some fun times in BC politics to come. Well, BC really needs to move forward anyway. Some say that Christy Clark is Gordon Campbell 2?

One Thought on “A Good Day to Change

  1. I am not much hopeful for the future… 🙄

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