Weather Bitch

With less than twelve hours into the month of March, weather wise, this month has already started to disappoint. We have a “hurricane” class wind-storm heading our way. Woo-pee! Nothing like a good old wind-storm to stir things up a little.

Of course I am writing this before the storm, so it could be a dud, or the real thing, so I am guessing based on the news I am getting. The media is all over it, and the websites are posting it, so it could be a real storm. However, if I recall, about four days ago, when the snow fall warning appeared on the weather websites here, nothing happened. The “big dump” never occurred. Instead we got a little light dusting of snow, and right after that it warmed up, rained, and then it was all gone.

So here is to a stormy night.

The worse that will happen is our power will go out. I am ready. It is not freezing out, so candles will work nicely for heat.

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